My Professional Pilotcar Services will help the Heavy Haul

Industry move those Oversized Loads down the road.

 I am an Oversize Truck Load Escort/Pilotcar Owner/Operator serving the heavy haul transportation industry throughout Canada and the USA.

*WA P/EVO & NY Certified, PA insured with CAD$2 million GL*

*GPS equipped * All Safety Supplies, Lights & Signage for 48 states & all Provinces east of Manitoba. 

Located in Brantford Ontario near 3 major border crossings.

2 hours from the BWB, Sarnia/Port Huron.

3 hours from Windsor/Detroit border crossings.

1.5 hours from the Peace Bridge, Fort Erie/Buffalo crossing.

I will help you move your over-dimensional loads

Into, Out of or Across Eastern Canada!


* CDN Mobile: 289-439-0822 * U.S. Mobile: 716-352-5955 * or


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